Song Review: Friends by Raye – Just Another Pop Song

‘Friends’ is a brand new single released by singer Raye on July 6th, 2018. Raye’s sultry, relaxed voice sits above a groovy electronic instrumental which builds synth sounds on a drum track with booming bass. The singer is using breathy intonation and slightly overused vocal fry to create a relaxed and almost lazy effect. The tone of her voice (the quality of which is not only affected by the singer’s technique but also by subtle but not few corrections through software), is inhumanly even and a tad nasal, which suggests that it was produced with little air from the gut and mostly pushed out from the chest.

None of this is a stylistic deviation from today’s trend of vocal pop music. My ears also tell me that basically nothing in this song is. It sits comfortably among the myriads of other songs cut from the same cloth and aims to continue this style until the fad dies. In other words, it perfectly serves the purpose of most popular music- to be instantly catchy enough to chart but also almost immediately forgotten to give way to the next batch of pop singles.

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