Yechan Song (예찬 송) was born in South Korea, raised in Kyrgyzstan, and came to California, USA in high school. A soulful singer-songwriter and guitarist, Yechan’s voice is described as angelic and melancholy. 

Yechan began playing guitar and singing since Jr. High and has continued ever since. He fell in love with music after listening to a Metalica song he found at a school classroom. From metal, he discovered jazz and became inspired by Music Greats like Miles Davis, Jimi Hendrix, and Thelonious Monk. He started his performance experience with churches and a volunteer organization in which he traveled to multiple countries (Turkey, Greece, Spain, China, etc.) performing for various groups like refugees and village people. During college, he performed in Bola’s Gospel Choir.
He has since expanded his scope and performed at Angel Stadium, the OC Fair, restaurant venues, and private events. Yechan now wishes to further his music career even more and is excited to see what opportunities and experiences will come his way. 

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