Booking Info


Once you message us with some information, we will give you a quote within 24 hours. The price changes based on location, time, event type, regularity, etc. Money can be tight for many people, so if our rate is over budget for you we will try our best to work something out!

What to Expect 

Yechan is best if you are looking for a warm, intimate, soulful, and relaxing music as opposed to club or EDM music. We want to make sure that he is the best vibe and sound for your event, so you can request for an audition. 

You can expect a high level of professionalism and friendliness with minimal additional assistance from you. 

We can provide all the musical equipment necessary for a performance of up to 100 people. Our equipment includes an amp, mic, and musical instrument so Yechan does not need a lot of space. Although we do prefer having a power outlet, the amp can be powered by battery so it is not necessary. 

Before your event, we will contact you to discuss song preferences, setup, and will even learn new songs for your special occasion. 

Additional Booking Notes 

After contacting us, we will follow up with what type of genre, songs, etc. you are looking for. Yechan will learn new songs for your special event and will accommodate as much as he can.